How to Use this Website
This is a very clear, and complete, consideration of what is called a “non-dual” sense of existence, from beginning to end.

The full package is found in my two books, Dismantling the Fantasy and Essence Revisited, and in the various items on this website.

To explore this fully, buy my two books (they’re not expensive) and listen to what’s on this site. (You can order the books on the site)

Keep the books by your bed and read them for only a few minutes, each night, before you go to sleep.

At whatever pace seems comfortable to you, listen to the two main talks on the site, “An Overview of Spiritual Awakening” and “Acknowledging the Moment”. They’re found in the “listen” drop-down menu, under the heading “talks”.

Then watch the three London Talks. (under the “watch” drop-down menu)
Start listening to the earliest monthly podcasts, from 2011, where people have written in, questioning or challenging what I’m saying, and I simply respond to the specific questions and challenges. (monthly podcasts found under the “listen” drop-down menu)

Then start listening to the later podcasts (beginning Aug. 5, 2016) where I’m no longer responding to questions. Instead, I’m offering a more spontaneous consideration of life.

Finally, listen to the last two podcasts, “Something a Little Different” and “Jumping Off the Hundred Foot Pole”, where I shift the focus away from thought completely.

This will give you a full consideration of what any non-dual teaching is offering. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism, or whatever. If it’s “non-dual”, this is what it’s basically offering.

If you relate to it, great! If you don’t relate to it, great! Either way is fine.

Darryl Bailey

Nov, 2017